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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yes! I do custom cake for any event- birthday, wedding, festival, graduations, anniversary, corporate launching, get-to-gether party, etc. The cakes are all made from scratch and can be done in virtually any design. Just think about how much fun your kids, family members, colleagues; guest etc will have at the special event with special cake, cupcakes and other’s bakery products!

Please take note as below before placing your order:

1. The frosting for all cake will be vanilla buttercream excepts for Carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting.

2. Knife and normal candle will be provided.

3. Minimum weight is about 1.2kg++ (depending on cake flavour type) and the pan size is 8".

4. Cake 8" size suitable to serve about 10-15 guest. Bigger size is 12" that can be served to about 30-35 guest and 18"x9" rectangle size for more than 40 guest.

* Vanilla Butter Cake +RM50
* Strawberry Butter Cake +RM50
* Oreo Buttery Cake +RM55 (best selling!)
* Rainbow Buttery Cakes +RM55 (best selling!)
* Chocolate Marble Orange Cake +RM55
* Vanilla Marble Strawberry Cake +RM55
* Moist Chocolate Cake +RM60 (best selling!) • Sponge Cakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc) +RM45
* Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake +RM65
* Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese +RM65

• Round
• Square +RM2
• Rectangle +RM2
• Love+RM2

• Vanilla Buttercream (Free!!)• Chocolate Buttercream +RM8
• Strawberry Buttercream +RM8• Lemon Buttercream +RM8
• Chocolate Ganache +RM10
• Vanilla Buttercream + Choc dripping +RM3
• Choc Buttercream + Choc dripping +RM10
• Strawberry Buttercream + Choc dripping +RM10

• Strawberry Cream Jam +RM5
• Blueberry Cream Jam +RM5
• Chocolate Cream +RM5
• Chocolate Ganache +RM5

* Fondant Cut out to spell your word
- up to 15pcs alphabets +RM3
- up to 25pcs alphabets +RM5

* Fondant Cut out to spell your word with stick and base +RM1/word

* Drawing with Piping Jelly ++ from RM30

* Edible Image
- Image only +RM18-RM22
- Image with editing +RM25-RM28

* 2D & 3D modelling ++from RM30-RM50

* Small Animal Figurines ++RM3-RM8

* Original Toy ++from RM20- up to market price!

*"Happy Birthday" Sign +RM1


 • Normal
• Fancy Candles +RM2
• Giant Numbering Candles +RM3
• Happy Birthday Alphabets Candles +RM5

Special Item: For stacked cakes, please email me for additional quotation.
Please contact me thru my email or my mobile : 012-655 9025 

  NOTE: Price may subject to change from time to time

For Cakes order :

Cakes Choices
  • Moist Chocolate Cake
  • Almond Moist Chocolate Cake
  • Butter Cake (Vanilla / Orange)
  • Carrot Cake
  • Sponge Cake
For Cupcakes order :

Flavor for Cupcakes
  • Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Chocolate
  • Moist Chocolate
    Flavor For Topping
  •  Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Chocolate Buttercream
  • Chocolate Ganache (+MYR10.00)
      Other's Choices Cupcakes

  • Oreo Cupcakes (Buttercream/ Cheese Frosting/ Chocolate Ganache)
  • Carrot & Apples Cupcakes (Cheese Frosting)
  • Banana Cupcakes (Buttercream/ Cheese Frosting/ Chocolate Ganache)
  • Almond Moist Chocolate Cupcakes (Buttercream/ Cheese Frosting/ Chocolate Ganache)
  • Cadbury Cupcakes (Buttercream/ Chocolate Buttercream)
  • Marshmallow Cupcakes (Chocolate Ganache & Fresh Marshmallows)
  • Strawberry Cupcakes (Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Strawberry & ganishes)
  • Kit Kat Cupcakes (Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache, Kit Kat Sticks & Ganishes)
  • etc...
Prices for the 'Gourmet Cupcakes' is MYR4.00 (Buttercream) , additional MYR5.00 for Cheese Frosting (except Carrot & apples Cupcakes)..Minimum order 16 pcs & 25 pcs
code : MDC (M) size cupcakes and 16pcs code : LDC (L) size cupcakes.


Doll Cake Price
  • Buttercream Deco MYR150.00
  • Steam Buttercream MYR200.00
  • Fondant Deco MYR250.00
+ additional price for platform or underneath the Doll Cake (ask for the price)

Castle Cake Price
  • Buttercream Deco MYR150.00 to MYR200.00
  • Fondant Deco MYR250.00 to MYR300.00
Any other 3D's cakes eg :
Football Field, LEGO, Train (Thomas & Friends), etc..
Please contact me directly for the advise & consultations is "FREE".

Terms & Conditions : 3D's Cakes
(Order must be made 2 weeks before the Delivery/Self-picked up date)
(Last minute order accepted, additional MYR10.00)

  • Butter / Chocolate Cakes MYR50.00
  • Carrot Cakes MYR65.00
  • Sponge Cakes MYR45.00
  • Moist Chocolate Cakes RM60.00
+ Additional MYR10.00 for customized OR hand-drawn character
+ Additional MYR10.00 per kg for Wedding or Hantaran Cakes
+ Additional MYR18.00 for edible images and MYR25.00 on the edit per sheet/pcs edible images

(Note: (Edible Images) if you have your own picture, pls email me at, or you want our own choices of edible pictures let us know on your order)

Note : Cakes Size starts from 1kg

Other's cakes :
  • Pandan Layer Cake MYR65.00
  • Dates Cakes MYR55.00
  • Fruit Cakes (Bake or Steam) MYR45.00
  • Kek Lapis Sarawak (Seasonal)
  • Marble Cheese Cake MYR65.00
  • Brownies (Dark Choc, Mud Choc, Marble Cheese, Orange Mocha Brownies & etc) MYR50.00
Choices for 'Tartlets'
  • Blueberry Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR40.00
  • Dark Cocoa Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR40.00
  • Pineapple Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR45.00
  • Strawberry Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR40.00
  • Fresh Strawberry Choc Tart (50pcs) RM45.00
  • Chocolate Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR40.00
  • Fruit Tartlets (50pcs) MYR40.00
"Creampuff" (25pcs (Medium) MYR 20.00per box, 50pcs (Small) MYR30.00) and

"Caramel" (packaging in individual boxes)
also available (prices may start from MYR1.50 to MYR 2.00)..Please email us for prices in 'BULK' order at

Fancy Cookies with Stick
2" size MYR2.50 + RM0.50
3" size MYR3.50 + RM0.50
4" size MYR4.50 + RM0.50

Fancy Cookies without stick
2" size MYR3.50 (2pcs per pack)
3" size MYR3.50 (1pcs per pack)
4" size MYR4.50 (1pc per pack)
  • Minimum order is 50 packs
(Order more than 500pcs or 250 packs, price is negotiable)

The above 'Fancy Cookies' price is served as a guideline only. Actual price depending on the customer's request. In most designs, Royal Icing & Fondant will be used.
Price is inclusive of individual packaging in clear soft plastic & tied with matching ribbon.

Please place your order '2 weeks in advance' allowing ample time discussions & negotiation on design & price.
Place your order today, earlier & 'Now',............... IreneBakeLove Team
will deliver the "Best Cakes, Cupcakes Ever You Had"..            .-Our Mission-

Thank you on your order & support
IreneBakeLove Team


Super Mini S Size "Duppie Cuppie"(SDC)
Size 1' oz (Budget size)
[Any function, kenduri, party & etc special occasions ]
..Please contact to make an inquiry for the price and it's negotiable,
must order in large amount (quantity)
(36) pcs : MYR 45.00
(49) pcs : MYR 60.00
(others : edible picture, fondant, gumpaste seperately charges)

Code : SDC

Mini "Mini Duppie Cuppie" (MMDC)
Size 2 oz'

(16) pcs : MYR 30.00

(25) pcs : MYR 45.00
(36) pcs : MYR 65.00
(others : edible picture, gumpaste, fondant seperately charges)

Code : MMDC


M "Mini Duppie Cuppie" - Shouffle Midi Cup (MDC)
Size 2.5 oz'

(16) pcs : MYR 45.00
(25) pcs : MYR 70.00

(36) pcs : MYR 100.0
(others : edible image, fondant, gumpaste is seperately charges)

Code : MDC


Large "Grandie Duppie Cuppie" -Shouffle Large Cup (LDC)
Size 2.5 oz' x 1.5

(16) pcs : MYR 65.00
(25) pcs : MYR 100.00
(36) pcs : MYR 140.00
(others : edible image, fondant, gumpaste is seperately charges)

Code : LDC

Edible picture price MYR25.00 (15pcs picture, 18pcs picture, 24pcs picture, 36pcs picture, 48pcs picture for cuppies)
(eg : Ordered cuppies 25pcs (MMDC) + 24pcs picture = MYR45.00+MYR25.00=MYR70.00)
I also take order for Super Mini S Size "Duppie Cuppie"
(code : SDC) ," Mini Duppie Cuppie" (code : MMDC)
and M " Mini Duppie Cuppie" (code : MDC) in small
packaging (container)
as door gift, any celebration and etc..
Hantaran Package :(16) pcs (code : LDC) size cupcakes
deecorate with Fondant + Gum paste + buttercream +
Theme Color of your choices + Window Box + Ribbon
ready to put on your "Dulang Hantaran"
price range MYR 100.00 to MYR 150.00

Contact me @ my mobile (006)(012 - 655 9025) or
email me @

Do not hesitate to place your order now or any
latest arrangement on your special day

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2 Tier Red & White Theme Wedding Cake

...Thank you to Kak Ina & Family on your 2Tier Red & white Wedding Cakes on 5th February 2011..

Thank you on your order & continue support..

From us ; Irene BakeLove Team

Fancy & Funky Cupcakes

Birthday Cake for Allysa A'isyah

"Rainbow Buttery Cakes-Buttercream "
...Thank you Aemyllawaty on your order & Support...

Football Cakes - For Aisha, UiTM Sek.7, Shah Alam

"Footbal Theme Birthday Cake"
...Thank you on your order & compliment dear..hope to hear from you again on your order...

Birthday Celebrations - Seri Kembangan for Zida, Angkasa, Kelana Jaya

(i) Birthday Cakes - Edible Hello Kitty with Garden Theme Birthday Cakes
(ii) 50pcs Cream Puffs
(iii) 50pcs Fruit Tartlets
(iv) 50pcs Blueberry Cheese Tarts

Have a break with Kit Kat Cupcakes

Blueberry Cheese Cakes to Cheras

Weekend Activity with Order

Hantaran Cakes to Taman Melati, Kuala Lumpur

Birthday Celebrations at Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur

"Fancy Cookies - Butterfly & Flower"

"Carrot Walnut Cakes + Cream Cheese Frosting"

"SDC Cuppies Vanilla + Buttercream Frosting (Swirl)"

Custom-Made Birthday Cakes for Akhmar, Puchong

"For her beloved Daughter turn 1 - Irene Batrisya"

"For her beloved Husband that turns 46 - as her husband minat sangat ngan 'Superbike'"

December Order - 2010

"Bulk Order on December 2010"

..Thank you to all for your Order, Trust & Continue Support...

Majlis Cukur Jambul - Sunway Kayangan

Chocolate Chips Muffins

Stroller - Baby Girl