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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hurry!! Hurry!! Catch the Trio Combo Promo's = RM25 instead of RM56 for 12 Cupcakes + 10 Cream Puffs + 7 Cheese Tarts from Irenebakelove Online Bakery, Shah Alam [55% OFF]

RM25 instead of RM56 for 12 Cupcakes + 10 Cream Puffs + 7 Cheese Tarts from Irenebakelove Bakery & Butik, Shah Alam 

[55% OFF] from


1)Once purchase voucher from Milk a Deal then only you can place your order by emailing me at

2)Strictly 'NO' SMS...Call me to order as we need your e-voucher for the order confirmation.

3)Please advise your pick-up point area. Shah Alam : Wisma Jakel, Seksyen 7, Shah alam & SACC Mall Entrance or around the area and RM5 delivery charge to Subang Parade and around area.



  1. Hi There, can I ask if I would like to have the oreo cupcakes, how much should i top up? hope to hear from you soon. Kimberley

  2. Just redeemed this deal today, but unfortunately (sorry to say laa kan) the results were a disappointment:
    1. the cupcakes were too dry
    2. the cupcakes topping were bitter (pahit) and as if no sugar were added at all
    3. the cream puffs were tasteless, no-sugar at all
    4. the cheese tarts base were bitter, but the cheese topping was ok.

    I don't know why your products have this bitter taste. I hope you can make improvements to the taste of your cupcakes & cream puffs.

    No heart feelings.

  3. Dear Kimberly,

    Actually the Oreo Cupcakes not entitle for this promos dear..Ive signed agreement between



    Dear Eeda Chan

    Thanks on your kindly feedback, FYI i do deliver with other as well and some come with good feedback. Maybe there's an error or my mistakes some where as I found out that the bakery supplier was sent me the different then before. I'm apologies on the bad-experience you had..I put this in highly remarks for my future.

    Thank you...

  4. Kak Irene, Do check ur mail about the combo:) want to redeem them.

  5. here's my entry..

  6. emmmm just redeemed this deal.
    sangat sedap dan memang menarik.
    cream puff dan cheese tart tak cukup.
    cuma ada cupcake lebih sebab ada yag tak makan manis.
    nantikan entry khas untuk cupcakes ini.

  7. dah redeem.
    1.cupcake sedap, topping pun ok...not too sweet.
    2.creampuff sgt superb!!!
    3.cheese tart awesome!!!

  8. I have already emailed you on Wed, 6 April to redeem, will you be replying to the email?


  9. hi i've called u on all numbers but i dont seem to get any replies.u didnt even reply my email.can u please give feedback????

  10. I still haven't received any reply :(